Why You Always Need to Be Recruiting

Take a look around your workplace. Who do you see? Hardworking and dedicated employees who are loyal to your organisation? Or do you see people who are seriously considering another job, perhaps with a competitor? Right now, 35% of your workforce is searching for new job opportunities on a daily basis.

What’s more, 70% of people are looking at what’s on offer elsewhere at least once a month. Recruitment can no longer be seen as a reactive process that organisations go through when a vacant position becomes available. In a candidate driven market, recruitment needs to be proactive with organisations on the front foot.

Read on to learn how continuous recruitment can benefit you and ultimately lead to better hiring outcomes.

1. Enrich your Employer Brand

To always be recruiting means to be actively engaging job seekers in your employer brand – creating interest in you as an employer of choice. Being present on job boards creates essential touch-points with potential candidates.

According to Glassdoor, 69% of job seekers said they are likely to apply to a job if the employer actively manages its employer brand and candidate experience (e.g. replies to reviews, updates their profile, shares news on company culture and the work environment).

Further to this, organisations who represent a strong employer brand are twice as likely to receive responses from candidates they contact. The first step to a strong employer brand is getting your name out there!

2. Benefit from Talent Pooling with Talent Pooling Software

If you are always on the search for candidates, you will always be developing your talent pool – and there are a range of benefits to nurturing a growing talent pool. By consistently collecting candidate information such as resumés, responses to screening questions and metrics on levels of skills and experience, you’ll be empowered to:

  •  Recruit faster. Of course, the main point of a talent pool is to have a first point of contact when a position opens up, significantly reducing the time to recruit. Research found that 50% of organisations using talent pools reduce their time to hire and significantly increase 12-month retention rates.
  • Realise your ultimate candidate. With the scope of skills and abilities of each member in your talent pool available to you, you’ll be able to see who pushes the limits and paint a picture of your optimum applicant. When it’s time to recruit, you won’t need to set the bar low – but can aim for the qualifications of the most outstanding members of your talent pool.
  •  Develop your business in new ways by employing someone you didn’t know you needed. A talent pool represents a shifting ecosystem of unique combinations of skills and experiences. For some hiring managers, this can flip the recruitment process on its head and they create positions within their organisation to take advantage of the unique skill sets appearing in their talent pool. Consider the most impressive candidates swimming in your talent pool – how can they be introduced to your organisation to drive your business goals? Be inspired by the skill sets and experiences of your talent pool members.
  •  Know what your candidates value and expect of you. Critical information about career goals and workplace expectations found at the top of resumes will empower you with the knowledge you’ll need to appeal to candidates and position yourself as an employer of choice.
  •  Be prepared for a tough candidate market. By always playing the recruitment game, you’ll know if a role is particularly difficult to recruit. Therefore, even if candidates in your talent pool are not necessarily the right fit for your role when it comes time to recruit, you’ll have the tools ready to undertake a long-term recruitment advertising strategy.

In short, continuous recruitment through talent pooling underpins a strong employer branding strategy and provides game-changing job seeker insights, giving you a must-have advantage in today’s competitive and candidate-driven recruitment market.

Editor’s note: Scout Talent provides leading recruitment software and cutting-edge candidate management technology and talent pooling software, empowering organisations to effortlessly grow and nurture candidates.