The Silent Killer of Your Employer Brand: Inconsistency

Today’s candidates are doing their research and they’re not settling for second best. With the average job seeker using 16 different resources to analyse a potential employer, job hunting has become the new online shopping. And it’s up to you to be in the jobseeker’s checkout trolley.

But how do you get there? The answer lies in a strong employer brand underpinned by a consistent and positive recruitment experience.

At no other time will your employer brand be experienced as intimately than when a candidate undergoes your recruitment process. This means every point of communication with your candidates is a critical opportunity for you to shape a positive employer brand.

Inconsistency is an obvious flaw of an employer branding strategy, yet easy to get right. Use the following checklist to ensure your candidates experience a positive and consistent recruitment journey:


  1.  Job boards and recruitment web page branding

The visuals

All too often, organisations have different branding colour pallets for their job ad compared to their website careers page. It sounds simple, but inconsistent branding is confusing and simply looks unprofessional. Make sure all your logos are up to date if you’ve recently undergone a rebrand.


Know your employee value proposition to keep your voice consistent across platforms. For example, it’s important to draw attention to the same key information on your job board as your careers website. If you emphasise flexibility, positive workplace culture and extra benefits on your job ad, don’t simply emphasise salary on your careers page. Be confident in what you bring to the table and showcase it powerfully and equally on both platforms.

And remember – don’t isolate your candidates by using industry jargon. Position language in way candidates will understand and define acronyms!

  1. Consistency across auto-responders, email templates and SMS.

Throughout the recruitment process, you communicate with candidates using a range of mediums, so ensure your communication platforms have the exact same look and feel as one another.

Auto-responders and emails

From the letterhead to embedded images and email signature, auto-responders and email templates should contain your branding only – no recruitment agency logos! There’s nothing worse for candidates than feeling like they’ve received one of a million emails sent by a recruitment agency.

Include branded placeholders and customise your messaging to target job seekers according to their interests. For example, if a candidate expresses strong leadership skills, direct them to information about your company’s leadership development programs. Scout Talent: Recruit allows recruiters to send personalised branded email templates on mass, free of agency branding.


Be sure to adopt the same style and tone as your auto-responders and email templates. Due to the nature of this platform, keep your messages short and professional, and personalise the messages as you would with emails. Make sure you avoid emojis and remember; schedule texts to be sent at reasonable hours; outside work hours for immediate engagement but not too late – a midnight text is unlikely to be well received. With Scout Talent: Recruit, hiring managers are able to contact with their talent pool instantly using SMS.

  1. An interview experience that exhibits your employer brand

When it comes to consistency in interviews, the question is – does your interview experience align with the employer branding collateral your candidate has experienced so far?

It’s recommended the hiring manager conducting the interview has been a part of the business for at least six months and is well briefed on the company’s employee value proposition. The interviewer represents the company in this situation and should identify strongly with your workplace culture and values.

Take the interview as an opportunity to offer your candidate physical employer branding collateral. Can you show them graduate brochures? It’s a great idea to take your candidate on a tour around your organisation. The candidate will recognise aspects of your workplace culture they learned online and through the recruitment journey, and you can hope a positive employer brand will take shape in their mind.  

Consistent branding throughout the recruitment process is a simple but critical way to shape a positive employer brand. Focus on uniform assets across your platforms; colours and logos, key messages, and an outstanding interview experience that lives up to your employer brand.

Editor’s note: Scout Talent has empowered thousands of organisations to efficiently communicate with candidates and deliver positive and a consistent employer branding experience. Sign up for a demo today and learn how Scout Talent can enhance your employer brand through your recruitment process.

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