New Scout Talent Features and Updates

At Scout Talent, we aim to make regular changes, upgrades and improvements to our products to keep up with our customers’ needs and requests. Below is a comprehensive list of such changes over the past 12 months.

Refer back to this list any time for the latest information, and don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.


New Error Pages October 2018

New error pages are live including a link to our support channel

All jobs in Questions Report October 2018

A new checkbox in the Questions Report – Select “All Jobs” to include all jobs within the entity

Saved Searches (Scout Talent:Engage) May 2018

Saved Searches can now be given specific names to easily recognise them for what they do rather than what they search specifically.

Example: I’m looking to engage some back-end developers, the collection of people to contact for this role come from a variety of places with some varied searches.
My search is: (“Ruby on Rails” OR “RoR”) AND (“computer science” OR “Information Technology” OR ” IT “)
To clearly identify this community I will simply label it “Back End Developers”.

Register Interest April 2018

Scout Talent:Recruit can now create custom pages which allow applicants to be added to a specific job with fewer details than is usually required (only first name, last name, email address).

Send Form (Auto-Reference Check) March 2018

Goal: Email a :Recruit Form to an external Email Address, have the recipient complete the form and attach to a specific application.
Example: HR User wishes have a reference complete a reference-check but can’t make contact with them by phone. Send Reference-Check questions by email and receive them back into the application.

Re-purpose Approval Forms February 2018

Goal: Allow the use of the Approval Form functionality for forms that aren’t directly related to the request to recruit:

Example: Use the approval system to record (without physical forms) the process of approving IT equipment for a new or existing employee

Lock Approval Administrator February 2018

Goal: When filling out an Approval Form disable the ability for the Hiring Manager to edit the Approval Administrator Field

Example: Business’ Approval Administrator must always be a particular user, meaning Approval to Recruit forms will always be delivered to and users are confused by the inclusion of the ability to alter the form. 

Add Attachment February 2018

Goal: Have an Applicant upload attachments after initial Application.

Example: Applicant who has proceeded into shortlisting phase has been asked to send in additional documentation such as a police check, or police check form.

Require Approvers January 2018

Goal: Specify the minimum number Approvers for an approval form

Example: Business requires there must always be at least one member from the department and one member from finance to approval all “Approvals to Recruit”.

Encrypt Database at Rest January 2018

:Recruit’s database has always been hidden behind many layers of security but to further this the database itself is now encrypted at rest meaning even in the unfortunate event of a breach data obtained would be secure.

Panel Style Recruitment December 2017

Goal: Allow HR to associate user access to specific jobs unrelated and separate to entity tree.

Example: HR User wants to create a 4 jobs and Hiring Managers crossover in complicated ways which would not be achievable with traditional ‘entity’ (folder) style seperation.

Indeed Integration December 2017

Goal: Allow HR to advertise role directly with indeed from within :Recruit and receive applications directly back into :Recruit rather than by email

Job Details Report November 2017


The Job Details Report provides a csv to the user’s email address which shows and overview for jobs in a given entity (and its children).

Columns the job report on are as follows

Job Reference Number | Job Title | Entity | Date Published | Date Closed |

Date of first instance of status’ selected | Date of Approval form Approved.


A client who wanted an accurate measure of time to hire could use this report to capture the date the job was published, and the first instance of a candidate sitting as ‘offer accepted’.

To achieve this, the user would run the report for the reporting period (for example, 1st of June to 31st of June) and selecting the status which represents the final stage of the recruitment process. Measuring the time between Publish date and the first ‘hire’ would provide the time to hire.

SSO Integration November 2017

Enabled the ability to use SSO with generic SAML integration such as ADFS and OneLogin.


Storage Upgrade October 2018

Scout’s storage layer was upgraded to Solid State Drives, for an average 25% increase in back-end response time

Status List update (Scout Talent:Engage) May 2018

The Status List now offers any possible status a candidate could be in from your Saved Searches.

Approval Forms April 2018

Approval Form emails now include the current state of the Approval Form in the subject line, as well as some additional details about approvers at the bottom of the email.

Seek Integration Updates April 2018

We now better reattempt the connection to Seek under a failure to speed up the time from creating a job to receiving applications.

Updated CSV Reporting March 2018

CSV reporting will no longer incorrectly be flagged as a SYLK file type.

Scout Talent:Engage Indexing March 2018

Scout Talent:Engage can now facilitate searching all candidates regardless of entity structure (optional, default: disabled).

Field Updates March 2018

Fields that are ‘searchable’ on Approval Forms and in Jobs will now search and respond quicker and should also have drastically reduced load times for those with large numbers of users.

Indeed Integration Update March 2018

You can now select a Country from the General tab of a job.

Reporting Timestamp Update February 2018

All reporting should now correctly use Australian format for dates, and include the correct time zone information.

Email External ‘View’ February 2018

Enabled the preview of documents via Email External.

Approval Form Sort January 2018

List of Approval Forms now default to show newest first and can be sorted by ‘Created At’ date or by name.

Indeed Integration Automation January 2018

Jobs will now automatically be posted to Indeed as long as the job is being advertised on your external careers page.

Multiposter View Update January 2018

Multiposter Jobs Page now displays the number of days until an ad’s expiry or otherwise says the expiry date.

Filtered Page Count December 2017

If Applications have been filtered, when looking at a list of applications the page numbers will now correctly display based on the number of filtered applications.