Tailored Training on Your Turf: Why It Works

Everyone knows the mixed feelings that come with using new recruitment technology. Although there’s excitement for something new, it’s easy to stress about having to navigate an unknown platform, all while managing your day-to-day work. In order for HR teams to hit the ground running and get the most out of their chosen recruitment system, they need comprehensive training that addresses the unique needs of their business.

Scout Talent is your recruitment partner, making your life easier. For us to achieve this, we don’t limit ourselves to training you via phone or video. We regularly visit clients to provide on-site training, across major cities, remote communities and overseas.

Here are some stories from Alex Hood, our Product Specialist, who has worked closely with clients to bring them the best results in the last six months.

Regional Tasmania

It’s not every day that you find yourself on a farm in the beautiful Tasmanian countryside.  I had the opportunity to travel to Cressy, just outside Launceston, to conduct HR user training with our client Emma Sutherland from Burlington Berries and the team (including the farm cat who decided to join in the training session).

Previously, Emma had been managing recruitment manually from her email inbox. With a rapidly expanding business, bringing in a candidate management system was a huge but necessary change.

By meeting with Emma on-site, I was able to facilitate an interactive session designed for a kinaesthetic learning style. Emma is very much a ‘hands on’ person having spent her life on a farm, so an online session would not have been as valuable. Meeting Emma face-to-face also allowed me to extend Burlington Berries use of Scout Talent:Recruit to allow the Event Scheduling feature to be used to organise inductions for successful candidates.    

On-site training resulted in an instant return on investment for Burlington Berries and it strengthens my relationship with the client on so many levels. Providing face-to-face support means I can get a true sense of how comfortable the user is with the technology at different stages throughout the training process. I can pick up on facial expression and body language to inform my training session in a way that just isn’t possible over the phone, and I can adjust my training session instantaneously.

In the feedback provided after training, Emma shared with me her confidence in using the system and how it had already made their end-to-end recruitment process stress-free.

New Zealand

As a global service provider, the Scout Talent team understands all clients require a streamlined implementation and training process to get the most out of their software – no matter their location.

Our local government client in New Zealand was in the process of overhauling their entire recruitment process. Despite these huge changes, they were ready to go live and confidently run the system after only one day of on-site training.  

I always find that on-site training removes the client from their day-to-day distractions and places them into an environment and mindset where they can focus on using the new recruitment software package. It allows me to train HR team members to the point they can become the in-house Scout specialist within their organisation.  

By investing in on-site training, I was able to help the client to clarify their recruitment process, and significantly reduce their need for ongoing support.  This ultimately allowed them to save time and money when updating their system and removed the stress caused by the challenges that come with large-scale change.   

Northern Territory

A great benefit that I know on-site training gives, is the fantastic opportunity for organisations to bring their human resources team and hiring managers together.

I travelled close to 4000km to visit a client in the Northern Territory and I was able to play a key role in assisting the HR team in obtaining buy-in from their hiring managers, all while they managed change and expansion in several areas of their organisation.  

I really enjoyed working closely with the client to facilitate a brainstorming session to maximise how the team would easily and intuitively use the system. By directly liaising with me to finalise their implementation, the client began using their new recruitment system quickly and confidently. On-site training removed the need for back and forward support from Scout Talent’s Brisbane-based client success team, which expedited the implementation process and saved the client time in the long run.

With our client experiencing a tremendous amount of change across several areas of their organisation, the on-site training session became a valuable workshop for the client to not only learn how to use Scout Talent:Recruit, but to brainstorm other changes to their recruitment process such as key roles and approval workflow.

At Scout Talent, we understand HR managers can feel apprehensive about the introduction of new recruitment software, which often goes hand in hand with additional changes taking place across their organisation.

I love meeting our clients. In my opinion, taking a new user through the system and making them feel at ease with the functionality is what it’s all about. They always get a lot out of their training investment and it’s an opportunity to forget about the numerous distractions around them and focus on mastering a solution that will make their professional lives easier.
Editor’s Note: If you would like a recruitment software provider that goes (thousands of kilometres) above and beyond, partner with the team at Scout Talent.

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